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move in information

Move in Procedures

We have contracted with the Philadelphia streets department to have streets bordering the Armory closed down during our move in hours Thurs and Fri, and move out on Sun. However, we still need to expedite our move in process and keep things flowing. You will be given a time slot to move in and we need to be more strict than in the past about keeping to these times.  If the time absolutely cannot work for you please let us know asap and we will make arrangements.

Early move in is from 1:30pm-3pm or 3-4:30 Thursday April 3rd.

Regular move in begins at 9:00am on Friday April 4th.

Directions to the venue will be under the “tickets, directions…” tab on the homepage when we have update the hotel and ticket info.

Bring your vehicle to the corner of 23rd and Ranstead St. (the street to the right of the Armory). A staff person will meet you at your vehicle and give you your move-in packet (with badges, local info, etc.) and direct you to the right move in door and parking area. Once you reach the front of the line at your entry point, park and take your booth contents in by hand truck or dolly, which you are expected to bring.

You may NOT take time at this point to set anything up, as you must move your vehicle out of the way (park in the lot we have arranged, listed below) as quickly as possible.

You must be set up in time for the 6:00 pm Preview Party on Friday.

Exhibitor PARKING

If you need to park an oversized vehicles (anything larger than an SUV or van) the lot we have established is Central Parking on N. 23rd at Arch St. (its a few blocks away, directions will be in your packets). It is $25 per day (up to 24 hours) for large vehicles, including trailers, that take up 2 spaces, either in length or width; In your packet you will find a parking pass to show the attendant and to put on your dash with your parking receipt. You must pay upon entry for the duration of your stay.

For regular size cars, vans and SUVs the best price is the indoor lot next door to the Armory, Park America – $10 per day (per 24 hours).  You do not need a pass, just mention you are with the furniture show upon leaving. They are not 24 hours. They close at 9:30 on Friday, open 9:30am-7:30pm Sat, and 9:30-5:30 Sunday.

Move Out

Move out begins at 5:00pm on Sunday. Do not retrieve your vehicle until your booth is packed and dismantled. You will not be allowed to park your vehicle for loading if your packing has not been accomplished. The move in crew will direct you to a parking spot to load your vehicle.


Badges are in your packet, delivered upon arrival at the venue.

Badges are provided as follows:

10’ x 10’ (or smaller) booths = 2 badges

10’ x 15’ booths = 3 badges

10’ x 20’ booths = 4 badges

Booths larger than 20’ = 5 badges

All badges will just have “ASST” and your company name, unless you request a specific name to be printed.

KEEP BADGES IN A SAFE PLACE as they need to be used all weekend. Badges may be left at the show office desk for helpers to pick up.

Credit Card Station Procedures

If you need to use our credit card machine – there will be a credit card station at our front desk/ticket booth for exhibitors to use to for sales. You must have a purchase order/invoice for each purchase and you must calculate the total cost of the sale including tax if applicable. You will be charged approximately 4% of the sale for the costs we incur from the credit card companies. Accompany your client to our booth with your invoice and we will process the order with/for you.

Show Orders

*you do NOT need your booth number to make electrical and pipe & drape orders

Electrical Service-electrical contractor, Green Tree Electrical Services

We strongly encourage the ordering of electrical service, the overhead lighting at the venue is dim and not adequate for lighting your work.
A ten amp (1000 watt) electrical hookup is available for $95 (if preordered by March 16th) through our electrical provider. Click HERE to print out the order form or HERE to order and pay online.

You are encouraged to bring your own power strips and extension cords, though they will be available to rent from Greentree as needed. You need to bring your own lighting, as the regular overhead lights at the Armory will not provide sufficient lighting for most needs. Lighting/lamps/spotlights are also available to rent through Greentree.

Green Tree Electrical Services

207-781-2982 office

207-794-1509 cell

207-781-5755 fax



Decorator Services- show decorator, Main Line Expo

You must order pipe and drape or bring your own surround, the only  exception is if you ordered an island booth.

The floor at the armory is cement and unsightly, you will need to rent carpet from the decorator or bring your own. Click HERE to print out all forms, information, pricing and payments. If you have any questions  feel free to call them.

Main Line Expo

Office: 610-265-6200, ask for Patti Gallagher

Fax: 610-265-4606

E-Mail: patti@mainlineexpo.com



Any other questions about moving in please call Alex or Josh at 215-387-8590 or email alex@pffshow.com