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Exhibitor Incentives

It’s that time again! Time to exhibit with the Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show! 2014 will be PIFS’ 20th year – still the longest running craft furniture show in the US. It will be April 4,5 and 6,  2014 – Save the date!

We all know any property is all about location, location, location!!   And we are pleased to once again be at  The 23rdStreet Armory in downtown Philadelphia.  At this locale we have access to all forms of public transportation, a walk-in crowd from the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, and proximity to other museums, upscale stores, and attractions.

To entice exhibitors we have a few incentives to get you all on board early (only one discount can apply per exhibitor) :

• The first 10 exhibitors to sign up get the privilege of being a “Featured Exhibitor”.   This is a scroll of photos at the top of every page on our website. (check out last year’s – www.philaifs.com) This includes an extensive bio, 7 more photos of your work, and links to your email and website.

• A free photo on the website and in the catalog to all exhibitors that send in their contracts before Oct 15, 2013 (after which it is $75)

• If you have 10 years tenure with PIFS you receive 10% off your booth cost (if application is received by October 15, 2013)

• All new exhibitors (NEVER exhibited with PIFS) will receive a 10% discount (if application received by October 15, 2013)

• At any time prior to the show, exhibitors can receive $150 for each referral they bring to PIFS. That is, for each exhibitor you recruit to join PIFS 2014 (who has never exhibited with us before, and has not been contacted by us) you receive this bonus.

The biggest reason to apply early is to assure you get the booth you request. The Armory has a different layout configuration than our other locations.  We have less flexibility in the mapping of booths, so the sooner we get your application, the more likely you will get what you want. Booth choices are first come first serve, so if you wait too long to sign up, the size and shape of your booth may no longer be available.

The first applications we get are the pool of exhibitors we use to generate our print materials. We only use photos of current exhibitors, so the sooner you get us your photos, the more likely this could be one we use for our advertising.

The application/contract is now available under the “How To Exhibit” menu of the website.